Lolita in the Spotlight 1

Some of you are still thinking that this Lolita stuff is just too obscure and strange to wear in broad daylight. Others are just too timid to be seen out and about in it, especially if the Lolita community in your area is still small (or nonexistent) and I’m here to prove to you that it isn’t completely obscure and while it may be strange, plenty of celebrities are hopping on the bandwagon!
First up, we’ve got a celebrity I would never have expected to see sporting Angelic Pretty, but here she is:
Lil Mama, huge in the Hip Hop scene, and here she is donning a colourful Angelic Pretty print. The sneakers and crop top underneath don’t make this a very typical Lolita coordinate, but at least it’s on the map now.
Next up (and no surprise to most) is Lady Gaga:
Dressed in all white, she makes a rather lovely Shiro-Loli. During her time in Japan, she spent most of it in Lolita and even had a Hello Kitty theme while she was visiting a Japanese talk show. Cool stuff.
And lastly….:
A darling Hayley Williams (also blonde now to the dismay of many fans) wears a Bodyline dress for Paramore’s latest music video. I’m not a fan of the ankle socks or lack of headgear, but it’s still a very cute dress and again, puts Lolita on the map.
So if you were unsure about Lolita, it’s popularity, or any other concerns regarding it I hope this helped you a little bit.

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