Drowning in Sweets

When I think of Sweet Lolita, I think goodies. Like doughnuts and cookies, candies and cakes, tea and chocolate. And for good reason, they’re common and popular themes in Sweet Lolita.
Just take a gander on one of the popular Sweet Lolita brand websites, like Angelic Pretty or Baby, The Stars Shine Bright. You’ll find dresses and skirts in magical prints with fairytale characters, an abundance of pink and white and mint green, and designs and jewellery resembling pastries.
For the girly-girl at heart, this is heaven. For someone like me…it’s cute in small doses and that’s it.
But that’s not to say I don’t like some Sweet Lolita, especially if it’s in black or has stripes in it. I’m a sucker for stripes.
Sweet, as you may be realizing, is characterized by it’s cuteness, childishness, and “over-the-top”-ness.
However, I like a toned down version of Sweet Lolita. I’ll happily take one of those Magical Etoile skirts or Whip Magic JSKs as long as I can pair it with a simple black or white blouse, socks and rocking horse shoes. No giant head-eating bow, no layers of sweets jewellery, and no cake or candy shaped purses.
Chances are, you’ve already got a pretty busy print, so the rest of the coordinate should be low-key. SHOULD. But I’m not a Sweet Lolita, so I’m not going to tell them how to wear their fashion. This is just my preference.
Speaking of Sweet Lolita, I did make a skirt that could possibly qualify. It’s black and pink, but true to my word…it’s toned down. No bows or lace on this piece of work:
What do you think?

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