August Inspiration

[images courtesy of Pinterest]

1. Soft and loose layers of clothing
2. Mental reflection and inner peace
3. Comfort food and festival imagery
4. Hazy mornings and evenings
5. Flowing and breezy textures and ideas
6. Humid and damp nature scenes


July Inspiration

[images courtesy of Pinterest]

1. Hot and humid summer storms
2. Ice cream in unusual flavors (green tea)
3. Lazing about outside in comfort
4. The feeling of cool water between my toes
5. Refreshing and rejuvenating water
6. Barefoot strolls in the woods


Themed Lolita - Violin 🎶

Themed Lolita has always been kind of hit or miss as far as I'm concerned. Hogwarts House color schemes and motifs? Great. Star Wars print skirt in a casual coord? Super. Lolita dress modeled after super hero costumes....hmmmm, that gets tricky.

But one motif I'm really excited about right now is the violin, mostly because I just acquired one and am slightly obsessed with how Victorian and otherworldly it can sound. 🎶

So suddenly I am obsessed with all things violin.


Now, I'm of the mind that simple is better. There absolutely CAN be too much of a good thing. So the best type of coord to display a certain motif would to either have a dress featuring a print in that motif and keep all over aspects of your outfit plain OR to have a very simple dress with several touches of that motif (like earrings, shoes, and bag). 

You may disagree, and that's your prerogative of course, but a violin print OP, violin shoes and bag, violin hair accessory and violin earrings would be a bit...overkill. Again, just my opinion.

What motifs or themes are you a fan of?


Lolita is Inclusive - Fight me if you believe otherwise.

Years ago, people used to debate via forums whether white people could wear Lolita fashion or if it was just for Japanese folks to enjoy. The argument would often reach a stalemate when Western adherents of the style would retort (and rightfully so!) that Lolita fashion was based around the silhouettes and aesthetics of Victorian England and Rococo France - hence had white European origins. Therefore, Lolita was for anyone.

Then it was girls of color that were attacked for adorning themselves in frills and bows. Then people scoffed at the inclusion of the hijab for Muslim girls. And some even say it's not age-appropriate after high school.

Oddly enough, I've never really seen any kerfuffle about trans people in Lolita. Which makes me happy.

Meet Andrea, just stay away from the comment section on this Daily Mail article, a transgender woman who found herself when she finally discovered Lolita fashion.

Andrea started her transition in her 20's, and while she had amazing support from her family and the transgender community, it wasn't until she discovered Lolita fashion and attended her first meetup that she truly found a community that gave her a sense of acceptance and solidified her gender identity.

Good for her!

Lolita can be a wonderful place for one to express a softer and sweeter type of femininity and can be incredibly empowering and affirming, especially for trans women or femme individuals. Lolita has always been friendly towards the cross-dressing community as well.

Let's all support our fellow queer Lolitas in their quest for cuteness, elegance, and agency. <3