Themed Lolita - Violin 🎶

Themed Lolita has always been kind of hit or miss as far as I'm concerned. Hogwarts House color schemes and motifs? Great. Star Wars print skirt in a casual coord? Super. Lolita dress modeled after super hero costumes....hmmmm, that gets tricky.

But one motif I'm really excited about right now is the violin, mostly because I just acquired one and am slightly obsessed with how Victorian and otherworldly it can sound. 🎶

So suddenly I am obsessed with all things violin.


Now, I'm of the mind that simple is better. There absolutely CAN be too much of a good thing. So the best type of coord to display a certain motif would to either have a dress featuring a print in that motif and keep all over aspects of your outfit plain OR to have a very simple dress with several touches of that motif (like earrings, shoes, and bag). 

You may disagree, and that's your prerogative of course, but a violin print OP, violin shoes and bag, violin hair accessory and violin earrings would be a bit...overkill. Again, just my opinion.

What motifs or themes are you a fan of?

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