Mori Kei, Natural Kei, and Hama Kei for summer...

I've really been feeling the whole look and vibe of Mori Kei and especially Hama Kei for the coming summer months. The idea of loose and airy clothing in lighter colors is not a new trend for the hotter part of the year, but it's always fun to work with different looks and layering techniques.

I currently have a lot of items for sale on my storenvy that I think would be perfect for a Mori and Hama kei looks this summer: http://castlebyth3sea.storenvy.com/

This piece is a loosely crocheted top in a nice cream color and I think would be perfect for layering over a green or blue maxi dress. That's how I'd wear it anyways, but I'm sure it'd pair up just as nicely over a tank top and shorts - the top reminds me of the color of sad and the texture like that of a fishermen's net.

This is currently selling for $12 but prices are always fluctuating as things go on sale. HERE

This white peasant style dress is made of a soft cotton fabric with a gathered neckline and elastic at the 3/4 length sleeves. It has a very 'boho' vibe, even though I hesitate to use that word, but would look fantastic with some chunky summer jewelry and really neat sandals. On the flip-side, I can totally see the dress being worn by a Gothic Romance novel heroine as she stands on a rocky crag, shawl draped precariously around her shoulders and long hair blowing wildly in the ocean wind.....

Going for $15.00, but also subject to change. Things will definitely go on sale in this category as we get closer to summer. HERE

Most of my Mori and Hama Kei line can be found HERE and HERE on my site. Right now, every order comes with a free surprise gift, something that will compliment your order, so it's a great time to buy!


  1. I hope your shop goes well! It's mostly not my style or size but I like seeing all the cool finds!

    1. So far I've only gotten two sales, but I'm staying optimistic.