My Storenvy is LIVE!

Hello all,

I'm not sure if I talked about this much, but there have been some plans in the works for a bit now about how to make money without having to hold down a "real" job and my partner actually encouraged me to start sewing again and maybe sell some stuff. So I ran with it - you see, there aren't many easily accessible shops that sell clothing in a Mori Kei, Hama Kei, or Strega aesthetic that a) are based in the U.S. (but ship worldwide) and b) aren't ridiculously expensive.

And the way I see it, everyone deserves to be able to wear awesome clothing, no matter their budget. And thus, Castle by the Sea was born. This is a place for me to sell handmade, thrifted, and refashioned items keeping my aesthetic themes in mind. I have three themed 'collections':

Bare Feet on Moss - this collection is my Mori Kei inspired stuff. Layered pieces, lots of lace, probably a ton of tea-dyed and refashioned items. I want this section to inspire dreams of wandering about a mystical forest whilst barefoot on a carpet of green moss.

Stone Halls - everything Gothic, Lolita, Strega and simply dark and decadent falls into this collection. Stuff with black lace, ruffles, long dresses, and anything Lolita inspired. If it looks like something the lady of a castle might wear, you'll find it here.

Salted Swells - this is the collection I'm most excited about. Hama Kei is a subset of Mori that I'm convinced doesn't get enough attention. So, I want to focus my summer set on pieces that are nautical in nature, remind me of the sea and ocean life, call attention to little details like the grittiness of sand or the sliminess of seaweed....maybe that wasn't the best example but you know what I mean. What would a sea witch wear? What would a selkie strolling along the beach wrap herself in? How would the ghost of a woman whose lover was lost at sea appear? These are all concepts that will influence my Salted Swells line.

So, the million dollar question: What's currently for sale on my shop? Well, not much at the moment. Right now it's just some thrifted pieces I'm looking to pass on, but I've got a good number of handmade items in the works and I'm SUPER excited to get those up.

So check out my store, pass the link around if you like, and hopefully something there will catch your eye and your fancy!


  1. Sounds like a great idea, combining what you love into a business! I will keep an eye on the shop! Let us know when you post more!

    1. Thanks, lots more stuff up now actually. And more to come!