Bodyline Wig Review - w122 in Red

So I purchased this wig from Bodyline back in February, before I knew about all the strikes going on in the ship yards in California. So I took a good month or so to actually arrive. But it did finally and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the quality, considering I paid under $30 for this.

It came in a plastic packing bag, as most of Bodyline's packages do, and I was initially surprised at the weight, I expected the wig to feel a lot lighter than it was. I also ordered a wig cap to go along with this, since I didn't previously own one. And now that my hair's gotten considerably longer since the last time I messed around with fake hair, I figured it would be a solid investment.

The color is kind of this rich, mahogany brown bordering on dark red and I really like it, because I used to dye my hair almost this exact color back in the day. So the nostalgia with this color choice makes me really happy.

The only downside? These REALLY long bangs. I didn't know right away if I was going to trim them up but they seemed impossible to actually part in any decent fashion based on the way they're sewn in, so I went ahead and cut them into a straight fringe.

That was a lot of snipping.

But hey! Totally worth it! It looks (and feels) a lot better now. I still might take another cm or so off just so I make sure the wig sits a little more securely over my cap, but for now this is pretty good. (Also, in case you can't tell, I've got the sides of the wig pinned back so I could actually get at the bangs. But I like it this way!)

So here's me wearing it out today. I decided to wear my lovely F+F Rococo OP and gave it some piratey touches, but I don't have a full outfit snap at this time. I apologize, perhaps later.

Overall Rating:
Shipping - 3.5/5 (not their fault, but the wait was irksome)
Quality - 4/5
Color - 5/5
Comfort - 3.7/5


  1. That wig looks LOVELY on you (and the trimmed bangs are a vast improvement)!

    1. Indeed. It was kind of odd to get used to, since I haven't had a straight fringe for a few years now. I kind of miss it.

  2. That wig suits you so well!