Inspiration for Spring: Mori Girl

Mori Girl is often regarded as an ideal style for the cooler autumn months, but if you live in a Humid Continental climate like I do, you know that spring has its fair share of chilly days, especially in the morning. This is where the various layers of a Mori Girl ensemble might come in handy, provided of course you can shed a few layers late in the day and still look cute.

So here are some ideas for how to dress like a forest fairy during the wet days of March and April:

1. Choose base pieces that feature a lot of contrasting bits - like floral on solid colors or lace, then layer less! 

2. Consider "sheer" textures - like lacy boleros and shawls.

3. Stick with lighter shades - soft greens, muted pinks, and creams as opposed to darker greens or brown.

4. Play with patterns, like polka dots or stripes.

5. Tie your hair up into something kind of playful or messy, or just plop a big floppy hat on your head and call it done. 


  1. I really like "Black Forest Mori" or Dark Mori which is similar to Strega. I recently found out brown doesn't suit me but I really like these outfits, even if I would not wear them myself! I love your background wallpaper!

    1. Yes, Strega is fabulous, I totally agree there.

  2. The only trouble I have with mori girl in spring is the mud. I know Elizabeth Bennet rocked the "petticoat three inches deep in mud" look, but I can't pull it off.