Whatever Happened to Ero-Lolita?

Earlier this evening, a lovely girl posted a photo of her Lolita outfit on a Facebook Community and INSTANTLY started receiving a lot of flack for it, even though it was well coordinated and an interesting take on....Ero Lolita.

To see the photo, follow this link: Here

It had some issues sure, like the shoes were more Sweet style and I wasn't sure about the flower crown on her head, but instead of either politely leaving con-crit which she didn't really ask for anyways or refraining from passing judgement, the comment section dissolved into an all out war about the legitimate existence of Ero Lolita in the community and those that didn't believe in it descended into slut shaming.

Now that's something that I never thought would happen inside the Lolita community, but I guess you introduce the oft-ignored Ero sub-style and people lose their minds.

So, is Ero Lolita a legitimate sub-style of the Lolita fashion?

My answer is yes and here's why: Plenty of big name Lolita brands release items that are definitely more "sexy" in bent. Pastel pink under bust corsets, anyone? Salopettes, even? Bird cage skirts....come on!

Singer and Lolita Kana's coordinates were often of a more sexy variety.

And plenty of Mana's early outfits definitely had an erotic undertone, he was infamous for giant platform shoes, shorter skirts, and a variety of PVC and fishnet. So it might be an old school sub-style but that in no way denies it's current existence.

The more western take on Ero Lolita was seen by the use of blouse and bloomers to make up the "erotic" part, but that bordered pretty heavily on Burlesque with a touch of Dandy. Arguably not Lolita at all, but given that the nature of fashion is one of change, it's really hard to pin down for certain whether that take should be considered Lolita still.

A matter of personal opinion, I suppose.

I think much of the backlash against the Ero style comes from so many years of trying to make those outside of Lolita realize and accept that the style is not a fetish, not really meant to be sexy, and certainly not a costume. I believe they feel having a less "dressed" sub-style undermines those efforts, but that's just silly.

So what do you think? Is Ero Lolita an acceptable style of Lolita fashion as a whole or should it be considered something else? And should ANYONE be shamed for choosing to wear it?


  1. Well, I feel it's pretty obvious that everyone should be able to wear whatever they want, and a style as "out there" as lolita should know that as much as anyone. I don't really have any experience with the online lolita communities, (mostly because I've always heard how catty they can be) but I can only imagine that as long as you specifically describe your outfit as ero-lolita, you should be fine. Otherwise, you may get a lot of flack for not wearing a blouse or whatever else as "improper lolita." I don't know. There's so many rules, someone's always going to pick out something, I think. Just wear what makes you happy...

  2. I feel that many new Lolitas and even some of the the veterans who have moved on to the trendy side of the fashion have this "If I don't see it, then it's not real" mentality. Meaning, if it's not a popular style or trend that they are used to seeing, then it's "dead" or not legitimate, even though it's been around for years and has also been featured in GLB multiple times. Next thing you know, going off the opinions of today's Lolitas, Punk Lolita won't be a "real thing" in Lolita either.

  3. I loved the sudden influx of ero coords on that facebook group. I think it's a legitimate style that takes skill and style to pull off, and I wish people were more open to the idea. Even if they fail - and we all fail at coordinating sometimes - I'd rather see people both trying to coordinate ero lolita and being open to the style.