Gothic Lolita Christmas Guide

If you're a Christmas/Winter holiday celebrating Lolita, chances are you've considered decorating your space for the holidays but how on earth do you incorporate your favorite style into that?

Emily over at Bookish Beauty put together a fantastic post about decorating based around Victorian themes and that good, classic Dicken's style that everyone's familiar with. Give it a go. It was her article that actually inspired this one!

1. Pick a Theme!

Whether nodding to Moitie in your decor or going for something a little different, be sure to pick a theme or color scheme to work your decorations around.

Purple and black is an elegant combo, but of course you can always stick with the traditional colors. Just incorporate darker shades of them - forest greens, burgundies, rich golds, and plenty of black. Personally, I'm partial to this grey and white Winter Forest theme.

2. Keep that Halloween decor handy!

If you bought any spooky candle holders during the after-Halloween super sales, now is the perfect time to use them. Stick a couple of dark red candles in and then wrap the whole thing with fake evergreen boughs. Top off with a black ribbon bow.

If you have a nice jewelry rack or tree, consider adding some baubles, like lacy bulbs and crystal drop pendants on a shiny ribbon.

3. Traditional Goth Motifs

This is what's going to really give it a Gothic twist.

Consider a damask or elegant tree skirt in a color that matches your theme. I think this one would be pretty universal.

Wouldn't it be fun to use something other than standard gift wrap or rectangular boxes? Why not buy or make some cute coffin boxes for gifts. They'd look fantastic resting on that tree skirt, no?

Plenty of Etsy shops make Gothic themed Christmas stockings as well, but you could easily make your own if you're talented with a needle and thread.

4. Pagan Mythologies

Whether or not you're actually Pagan (like me) utilizing some of the symbols from pagan solstice festivals can add some eerie-ness to your decor. Take for example the Scandinavian creature often touted as the evil version of Santa Claus - Krampus!

Why not have his face poking out of your standard evergreen holiday wreath?

5. Keep it all pretty dark.

We're talking black or white Christmas tree, lots of candles, and maybe some glittery skulls. You'll want to probably avoid softer shades like cream or ivory, and really, do you think pastel pink ornaments are going to work?

Overall just keep in mind your theme and how it relates to your very frilly and spooky wardrobe.

Happy Holidays!


  1. There are some great inspiring ideas and pictures here!

    I wish shopping centres would have Kramous as well as Santa ha ha!

  2. That Krampus! It's DELIGHTFUL... if by "delightful" I am allowed to mean "terrifying and prone to eating or beating children"... XD

    This was such a fun post.