Belated Lolita Day

I know somewhere in the back of my mind that every first Saturday of June and December is International Lolita Day, but that doesn't stop me from completely forgetting about it until after the face. Namely because suddenly all these cute photos of Lolitas in their Saturday best start cropping up on the internet and then I go "Oh crap, that was yesterday!?"

So I decided I'd do it a day late, which is ironic because it's also Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day....there's a lot of stuff concerning Japan going on recently, no?

Fresh out of the shower and clad only in a blouse...ooh la la. (Shut up, you creepers!)

Hurry up and dry hair, so I can do something with you! I recently cut it again and I swear it looks so stupid when it's still wet and just sitting on my head.

Maximize the poof! Both petticoats were busted out for this. I'm wearing a skirt that was a gift from a friend and I absolutely want to do the damned thing justice because it's SOOO CUTE!

Best not forget footwear while we're at it. Here are my least favorite socks - a pair of lacy OTKs that refuse to stay above my knees.

Bought this blouse at Wise Penny thrift store - it came with the jabot. ^_^

My hair is still wet. What IS this nonsense!?

Maybe I'll throw a hat on top of it. On second though.....where DID those hair clips go?

Simple makeup...gotta keep it classy since I'm somewhere between Gothic and Classic Lolita today.

Is it nap-time yet? This dressing up business can be a lot of work!

I really wished this skirt from offbrand Pyon Pyon photographed better, but I can maybe blame a lack of good natural light on that. I went kind of old-school with RHS too. The socks are from Bodyline, and the hair clips you can't see are from Target way back in the day.

......Maybe I should have kept the hat.


  1. You look lovely. I have trouble getting black things- or even dark coloured things- to photograph properly. But I can only take photos in places where I can balance my camera on a shelf or something. Oh well!

  2. Oh! That blouse and jabot are perfect! I'm so jealous. What a great find!

  3. LOVE that blouse. Well, and the coord as a whole - the RHS shoes are great - but the blouse is an excellent find.