Lolita in the Media: Melanie Martinez

Does anyone remember that cute girl from season 3 of The Voice - the one who wore vintage dresses and hair bows all the time?

Yeah, her! Melanie Martinez - I was so rooting for her to win and she got pretty damn close, too - despite the rude diss from Christina Aguilera. But she went on to sign to a label and start producing her own really bad-ass tunes.

I think my favorite of hers is actually Dollhouse - and the video for it just kind of adds to her quirky charm.

I had noticed some "Lolita" elements to her style and personality, but I would never really have called her a Lolita. Until now that is:

Here she is wearing a full set from Angelic Pretty for her live music video. Sure, there's the lack of petti, but she's also hanging out in just socks, so it feels more like a Lolita after a long day out and kicking off all the un-comfy bits of an outfit.

I really do like the mix of pastel-goth inspired hair and wacky eyebrows with something pastel and cute. She rocks it in a way that no one else can.

I plan to keep an eye on her and see if she rocks anything more Lolita-esque attire. You guys will be the first to know!


  1. She's pretty damn adorable! Guessing she was on the overseas version which is why I didn't hear of her, we have our own version in Australia but it seems pretty boring and most people just want to fit an image.I like her hair. Maybe she just couldn't afford a full set of brand Lolita til now? :)

    I like the house!

    Wish Youtube would load faster so I can see the video properly!!!

  2. Apparently on The Voice performances she designed a lot of her own dresses and such, so I don't think money was an issue.

    I'm glad that she's branching out her style though - Lolita really suits her!