Halloween and Lolita: The Horror Story

I'm not entirely certain, dear readers, that you need a wall of text to understand my horror regarding the fru-fru costumes that crop up around Halloween taking the moniker of "Lolita", so instead I'll show you some visual examples. For those new to the undertaking of Lolita, let this be a lesson to you in what Lolita is not nor ever should be.

Yellow Sweet Lolita Maid

Red Checkers Lolita Cosplay

Sexy Harajuku Girl via Amazon

There is a silver lining, though, readers! Halloween is a wonderful opportunity for you to don your most outrageous coordinate or experiment perhaps with a style or garment you hadn't the nerve to before. Remember though, dear readers, Lolita is not a costume but can be worn for extravagant occasions much like one would wear a slinky dress to a cocktail party. Have fun with it!

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