Viva Le RHS!

Over the past couple of years, I've noticed a significant decrease in the number of Lolitas who don rocking horse shoes. Maybe it's the natural evolution of the style, the number of different shoe varieties out there, the overall popularity with tea party flats, that's pushing these classic Lolita shoes out of the picture.

I still wear them. I'll wear them with pretty much every single Lolita coord I throw together. They're my go-to shoe because they're comfy, cute, and I just have an incredible love for all kinds of chunky shoes. The platform doesn't hurt either. ^_~

RHS are still really popular in Japan, among many different fashion tribes. Not many people outside of Lolita in the west wear them though, which is a shame because they look fabulous with a pair of jeans and a lacy top. Heck, I've worn them with a formal gown before. I find them super versatile.

I'm not saying Lolitas need to start wearing them again. Not at all, unless of course you like them as much as I do. But I do occasionally get flack from other Lolitas saying they're too old school or even "ita" (goodness I hate that word.) Too old school? Honey, we're wearing a fashion based on clothing styles from OVER a hundred years ago. How can old school possibly be a bad thing?

I adore seeing how Lolita fashion is changing and melding with new styles, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the older styles. I could never get into the super OTT fru-fru accessorizing, so I suppose that's why most of my coords look so casual. I suppose I like the elegance of simplicity - I don't know. But that's why old school speaks to my heart.

I don't need a cutesy print, a giant bonnet, shoes with bow buckles, and twelve plastic rings to feel like a gorgeous Lolita. I don't need a wig (love rocking the short hair!) or oodles of lace. I don't need the poofiest of the petticoats, a little fluff under my skirt is plenty.

This doesn't make me less of a Lolita.

Viva Le RHS!


  1. RHS are gorgeous! I've always wanted a pair of them :D they look incredibly comfortable - they might be a very good alternative to killer heels.
    It's true, their popularity has been decreasing but they most certainly are not "ita". Old school, maybe - but how is that a bad thing?

  2. While I’ve never owned a pair, I love the look of rocking horse shoes. Yeah, they’re old school, but they’re also simple, go with a lot of different outfits, and do that nifty rocking thing. I’d love to get a pair, but I’m still figuring out which color to get and what size would work best.

  3. I love the look of RHS and I would love to own a pair someday :3 I think they would look great with a variety of styles, not just lolita.