Lolitas with Short Hair: Redux (part 1)

I wrote an article like this a couple of years ago when I chopped my hair down and if you want to read it, click here, but I think it's time I updated that post and added quite a few new tips, tricks, and photos. So read on!

With the growing popularity of the pixie cut and other really short hairstyles, Lolitas may be wondering: Can I cut my hair short and still wear Lolita fashion without looking ridiculous or like a boy? And the answer is YES! You totally can - short hair looks adorable with Lolita.

Casual Lolita seems to have quite a love affair with short hair. And it's the easiest to pull off, in my opinion. You don't have to worry about adding too much to your hair to balance out a coord either. A couple of barrettes or a headband will sort you right out.

A pixie is the PERFECT excuse to experiment with boystyle or kodona if you haven't considered doing so yet. You barely even have to style it and hats look great with this look!

But by no means do you have to abandon frilly dresses and head bows. This lovely girl pulls off a giant head devouring bow even with her short locks!

There are lots of ways to style your short hair too!

This lovely girl curled her blonde locks and topped it off with a hat for a very classic look. She reminds me of Marilyn Monroe - had Miss Monroe been a fan of frilly frocks.

Hats. Hats will be your best friend. Especially for those days when your hair either isn't behaving or you're too unmotivated to mess with it.

This girl is using her pixie cut as a means to experiment with some really cute and maybe unconventional accessories with her look. The crocheted bow is too cute!

But that doesn't mean you have to forgo more traditional head-gear. Chokelate demonstrates this with a very nice head-piece. I love how it blends into her hair.

And let's not forget this inspiring beauty. She's rocked a wide variety of short styles and wild colors - from a green mohawk to this nice demure pixie in a soft brown color.

Some Hair Accessories to Consider:

Braided hair Headbands

Heart Clips

Bow Clips and Headbands.

Boater Hats




  1. I think any lolita can look just fine with short hair. The important thing in lolita is accessorizing, and as long as you're wearing cute headbands or hair pins I think every hairstyle is ok.

  2. I prefer to keep my hair between earlobe and chin length, so this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

    My favorite thing to do with my hair is to add a number of flower clips that match the color of my outfit. Occasionally I'll add a lace headband beneath them or an off-kilter barrette (tentacles, a deer, a bird, etc.) or a slouchy beret, but the flowers are my go-to.