It's November. Now that All Hallow's Eve is behind us and the souls of the dead are creeping back to their side of the veil, I've turned my thoughts towards winter and snow.

Winter holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it my favorite season (with Autumn being a close second) there's something soothing and cleansing about a landscape blanketed in white. There's magic in the puffy white flakes that float lazily down from the silver clouds. Something still and somber about a crisp December night.

Winter brings with it the cold and from that, a need to layer. It's the season of silks, velvet, and fur. It's the season of cozy satin lined muffs and hand knitted scarves. It's the season of wool tights and lace up boots.
Thus, I've compiled some images of the perfect sort of ensembles for the blustery days of snow and cold:

Elements to Consider:

~Capes or Cloaks~
~Tall Boots~
~Patterned Stockings~
~Fur Collars~
~Silk Gloves~
~Cozy Cardigans~
~Opulent Fabrics~

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  1. I definitely want capes for winter! I also want a brocade/ jacquard coat. I have some material from a quilt I think I will use!