Why Do I Love Japan?

When you ask most people what they like about Japan (provided of course, that they do) a lot of times you'll get answers like these: Anime is so cool! I love cosplay and all that wild Harajuku fashion! Sushi is the best!

But Japan is so much more than cosplay, anime, and sushi. So much more.

So why do I like Japan? In the theme of this blog post, I'll answer you in picture form:

Japan has the most astounding blend of architecture and culture - traditional wooden buildings stand freely next to modern works of skyscraper art. Food stalls go up and down in a matter of days for various festivals. Each recognized holiday has an intriguing story behind it - even if the locals might not remember what it is. There are places where the natural world and human beings coexist peacefully and even get along well. Everything is always punctual and service is with a genuine smile. There are tons of tucked away shops with great deals, far more exciting to explore than the megaplex shopping malls. Every temple or shrine has something unique to offer. Want sunshine and beaches - Okinawa has them. Prefer snow-capped mountains and chilly winters - welcome to Hokkaido. Take a bullet train to a quiet village and enjoy the hot springs. Stand in the Shibuya Crossing and feel the flow of energy around you. Bumble about in broken Japanese and watch the locals smile and point you in the direction you need. Step away from the sushi joint and try your luck at a convenience store o-bento. Pet a stray cat. Wear a kimono. Shop in Harajuku. Eat at McDonald's. Enjoy a cup of green tea with the cherry blossoms. Ride a bike. See the countryside. Japan is beautiful.


  1. This post is amazing. So much eye candy. It brightened my day ^_^

  2. I understand your "Why do you love Japan?". Cherry blossom is sooooo beautiful!!