Lolita in the Media

More often than not, when Lolita is mentioned in media of any kind, it's usually not the more accurate or friendly mentions. Often, it comes in the form of questionable articles found on geek related sites or someone doing an expo on "Japanese" fashion where it's mentioned in passing as a sexy baby-doll fashion.

Luckily, there have been a good number of Lolita documentaries cropping up on Youtube that give a very good representation of the fashion and the people involved.

Sugar Coated tells the story of a group of LA Lolitas and their ascent into a fashion subculture that makes them feel brave, comfortable, safe, and happy. This one probably have the best segment relating to bro-litas I've ever seen. If you haven't watched it yet, I really suggest you do!

This one is more amateurish and made for a school project, but their intentions are good. This shows the power of Youtube and how easily it is today to get your message out to a lot of different groups of people.

Lolita in Translation came out a few years ago and is pretty well-known by now, but also a good one to view.

There are a lot of other Youtube documentaries up in various languages as well - you're welcome to search them out. I really enjoyed the Quebec Lolita group's segment.

This article from the Portland Press Herald still makes mention of the baby-doll look and calls them costumes (while also making other mistakes about the style) but still manages to represent it in a favorable light.

Huffington Post also did an article about Lolita fashion making it's way to Mexico, and I would love to read or hear more about the Lolita movement in other parts of the world. South America - I'm looking at you now!

Where have you seen mentions of Lolita in the media? Where they good or bad representations? Tell me all about it in the comment section below!

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