F-1 Tornado Stirs up Area North of Tokyo

More than 60 people are injured and about 100 houses and buildings destroyed when an F-1 tornado tore through Koshigaya, an area just north of Tokyo on Monday. Windows were broken and cars were overturned, but fortunately no deaths were reported.

Tornadoes are rare in Japan. A bigger threat tends to be earthquakes or typhoons - so I'm guessing that people didn't really know or understand the danger of the windy vortex just outside their bedroom windows. As luck would have it, F-1 tornadoes aren't particularly strong - just enough to shatter glass, turn over small vehicles, and send your roof shingles on a joyride. The people of Koshigaya were very fortunate in that respect.

Japan is hit with a deadly tornado about once a year, more often in the western parts, it seems. Last year, a killer tornado swept through north-eastern Japan and killed one teenage boy. That twister did significantly more damage than Monday's.

Cleanup crews and neighbors are already working hard to clean up the mess left behind by the tornado. I'm certain this will be another example of the tenacity and kindness of the Japanese people in the face of another natural disaster. ^_^

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