Become a Lolita for a Day in Harajuku

A new shop has opened up at the La Foret department store in Harajuku - Maison de Julietta. Well it's more of a photo booth/makeup station than a shop - in this demure and sweet little boutique you can pay to try on a full Lolita coordinate (including wig and makeup) and have your photo taken in your new look. Misako Aoki - Japan's Ambassador of Cute - is heavily involved with this venture and if you're lucky you can even have your photo taken with her!

TokyoFashionNews did a recent tour of the new La Foret boutique - from the looks of it most of the clothing there would fall into the Sweet or Classic substyles - I didn't see much in the way of Gothic Lolita but it could probably be done. 

This is very popular among girls in Japan who adore the Lolita look but don't have the money or time to commit to it. I imagine this would also be very popular for tourists who are fascinated by the various Harajuku styles and would love the chance to try it on for a day. 

What do you think? Do you suppose this might draw more people into the fashion or at least give them an appreciation for what goes into it?

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  1. Oooh I wouldn't dare eat anything in a borrowed BTSSB dress! I could not afford to pay if I damaged it!

    I think it's a fun idea, but I wonder what sizes they offer. I can't afford brand myself, but I have heard that a lot of brand does not fit Western Lolitas which would be disappointing for tourists. I am quite small but with large ribs so I usually wear a fairly large size size from Bodyline.