O-bon Matsuri @ Como Park!

Last weekend, I attended a Japanese cultural event at the zoo and conservatory in the Minneapolis - the O-bon festival. The local lolita group was holding a meetup there (as they have consecutively for the past few years) and I was kindly offered a ride by my friend Tessa. So I dolled up and dragged the boy with:

I kept my coordinate simple - sans petticoat - since it was a pretty warm day and quite sunny. I tend to overheat easily, not being a summer flower, so the true aim for comfort. I wore my handmade starry night skirt, a thrifted satin blouse, knee socks, and RHS. Oh, the rib cage necklace and mini hat topped it all off.

Tessa was her beautiful self in pastel yellows and her cute wig, and the boy donned his "Sunday" best.

I did take a good chunk of video footage, which FINALLY managed to upload, so for your viewing pleasure:


  1. The Japanese community in Australia is pretty small, so we don't get any Japanese festivals. Heaps of Chinese ones though.

    Looks like you had lots of fun. :)

  2. Well, you looked adorable and I once again am wishing I'd been able to make it.