Decor For Fashion: Mori Girl/Shabby Chic

To me, Mori Kei is THE quintessential fall fashion. All the deconstructed layers, asymmetrical ruffles, and furry scarves just scream Autumn. But while it's easy to conjure images of lovely layered girls frolicking in forests and fields, where would such a girl live? What would her home look like? I imagine it would be equally cozy and lovely - so "Shabby Chic" as a theme fits the forest girl perfectly.

What is Shabby Chic? It's a style of interior design that relies heavily on furniture or furnishings that are chosen for their signs of wear, to achieve a rustic or antique feel. It also incorporates soft and cozy cottage style decor - like floral bed linens, quilts, flower wall hangings, and lots of Rococo style decorations in pastel or muted shades.

To add some Shabby Chic to your living space, being adding some understated rustic pieces to your decor - a distressed mirror frame, a cracked vase of wild roses, some old dishware, or perhaps some woodsy vines that can sit atop cupboards or window sills. All of these things are relatively inexpensive and with the rustic look being very trendy - it's easy to find lots of DIY at the local craft store. Thrift shops are also a great place to pick up vintage furniture - a beat up coffee table or chipped dresser will go cheap. You might even be able to find an old sofa or chair with an antique floral pattern.

If you want to dress up your own furniture, no worries! There are tons of tutorials out there for making your own furniture covers and the best part is that you can use any type of fabric or embellishments you want. Just stick to muted colors - dusty pinks, sage green, soft browns, even.

For a Shabby Chic bedroom, an antique or vintage looking bed frame is the make it or break it piece, however never fear if you don't have one! An old and rustic looking window frame can double as a headboard. Doll it up even more by winding fake flowers around it and maybe even string lights for a soft glow.

Keep the bedding cozy with a fluffy quilt or comforter in a soft floral print. Pink is a popular color for bedding, but blues and greens are also found as well. All white bedding with some ruffles and a nice bed skirt can create a really antique feel. Toss on some lacy throw pillows and voila~

For those of you moving into a dorm or apartment this fall, you can still create your own little Shabby Chic space to indulge your inner country spirit. Toss a warm quilt onto your bed with some floral pillows and a soft throw blanket. Vintage touches like a rustic mirror and lacy curtains will go a long way in helping to add some very cozy and cottage like touches to your tiny space.

Like I said, the best place to find this kind of stuff is thrift stores and vintage shops, but there are TONS of Etsy stores that specialize in Shabby Chic decor if you're willing to spend the money. If you're the crafty sort, this style is perfect as it can involve a lot of sanding, chipping, painting, and sewing.

What do you think of this Shabby Chic style? Would you decorate with it or do you prefer something more modern? Let me know in the comment section!


  1. I love the antique-ness and layered textures of shabby chic, but it's too... white... for my taste. If shabby chic is the all-white mori girl of the decor world, my taste tends more toward the dolly kei.

    Shabby chic also contains a few common details that I find silly, like the omnipresent crackled paint (accents are good, but I've seen some rooms where every single surface is crackle painted) or fraying and fringed details put in random places. Just not my taste.

  2. I agree with Emily here, a little too much white, so my thing is more dark mori girl.

  3. I really like the idea of doing Shabby Chic with darker colors.

    I should totally do a post for decor centering around Dolly Kei and Dark Mori Kei.

    Thanks for the idea!

  4. :D Yay! I'd love to see that.

  5. That post is in the works! I think you'll be impressed. ^_^

  6. *clappyhands* I can't wait to see your post! I've been working on a decor post myself, and it'll be fun to see what we end up with.

  7. Mori is THE fall style for me too :D But I have to say I'm into mori all year long :D
    I have ambivalent feelings regarding shabby chic style, sometimes I find it too cold. I'd like something more warm and rustic. Maybe because I'm much more shabby than chic :P