Decor For Fashion: Dark Mori/Dolly Kei and Antique Decor

Traditional Mori Kei is rather light and understated when compared to Dolly Kei and it's cousin Dark Mori Kei. The soft cream colors and gauzy comforts of Shabby Chic just doesn't do it justice. So what sort of decor would suit an avid Grimoire shopper?

We're talking dark, rich, and opulent antiques of course! Think of haunted German castles, cabins and cottages of Eastern Europe, and the dark dwellings of the forest witch.

Unlike our previous Shabby Chic, Antique Decor utilizes many different colors - often in rich hues and a variety of patterns. Oriental rugs paired with ornate furniture and some gorgeous paintings can really add a decadent feel to a space.

Stone work really lends to a haunted castle feel, but if you're not fortunate enough to have walls made of rough and ancient stones there are a ton of stick on wallpaper ideas floating around out there.

 For bedrooms, antique mirrors and vanities work really well with a richly hued bed set and some thick and dark curtains. Most large department stores carry bed sets that would work wonderfully for this theme - think dark reds, emerald greens, and lavish golds.

And you can't go wrong with a claw-foot bath tub!


  1. This was lovely, and definitely more my style than shabby chic.

  2. I love this style, but it's definitely too dark and opulent for my ideal home. I'd like something in the middle between this one and shabby chic.

  3. I reeeaaally like your blog. That's why I tagged you ;) My blog is in german though. If you want to answer my questions and participate I'd try my best to translate everything for you (as we all know google translator doesn't always work right). But I'm fine and I understand if you don't want to. :)

    I hope my english is okay :D I love reading it but I'm not used to speak or write it, so it miiight be sliiightly off xD


    greetings from a german lolita <3