Summer Lolita

When the temperature finally peaks at around 95 degrees, I willingly make several Lolita fashion faux pas. I don't feel I should have to stuff my legs into a pair of stockings when the humidity is 75% either. So sue me, but this is how I survive summer as a Lolita:

1. No blouse! 

I own a nice variety of JSKs, most of them handmade. And the thing I enjoy most about them is how versatile and cool they are in the summer. Why kill that lovely aspect by tucking a stuffy blouse under it?

2. No stockings!

I enjoy air flow. So thickly knit socks and tights are out. If I had a pair of ankle socks with lace, I'd be all over that but I don't. Flats will do, in most occasions.

3. Petticoat Optional!

I know I know, the silhouette is the holy grail of Lolita guidelines, but spare me. No one wants layers of organza, chiffon, or scratchy tulle under their dress when it's hot outside. More layers - more heat. No thank you!

4. Simple accessories!

Wrist cuffs? No. A gaggle of cute necklaces? No. I tend to keep the jewelry to a minimum. Most times, it's one necklace and maybe (MAYBE) a tiny bracelet.

5. Light makeup/simple hair!

If its hot, I want my hair away from my neck and that's where the fuss stops. Side ponytails, braids, and pigtails once in a while are the go to styles for summer. If I wear any makeup at all, it's a BB cream and mascara. Lip gloss if I feel fancy.

So there you have it. At this point, it's questionable whether I can even call this sort of summer style Lolita. Oh well....

What fashion rules do you break when it's hot outside?


  1. Yesterday I went to a Harajuku fashion walk with a petticoat, which was also very puffy and layered... worst idea of my life! It was itchy and it made me sweat.
    Next time I'll definitely break some lolita rules and be comfortable instead :D

  2. So cute! Love this lolita style...followed ya, can you follow me too?