International Lolita Day

Unfortunately, for most of June 1st, it rained in Buffalo, MN. Nevertheless, I had every intention of dressing up and I planned my coordinate around some of the Edwardian influences that Bookish Beauty posted on her blog recently. We're talking billowing blouses, A-line skirts, big hats, and sophisticated details. 

I did not attend the meetup this summer. Instead, I had a job interview of sorts - well if becoming a beauty consultant/makeup representative counts. Last Friday, I sent in a request at Avon's website asking about how to become a representative. The very same evening, I received a phone call from Elberta (one of the local ladies) and we set up an appt. to meet Saturday.

She set me up with a website to sell from, a shit ton of brochures to distribute, and all the information I could possibly need to get started. And if I have any questions - I'm free to call and ask.

So I'm excited. I get to work my own hours, put in as much effort as I decide to, and try out tons of new (and cheap!) makeup, and help others find some great products. I've used Avon before in the past and I always liked their quality. So if you're interested in buying, I'm your gal!

Skirt - Bodyline
Blouse - thrifted
Shoes - Target
Hat - Walmart (with added embellishments)
Necklace - vintage
Purse - The Enchanted Hat

If you'd like to try your hand at some great Avon products, please visit www.yourAVON.com/mosiecki and shop from there. Any questions, feel free to contact me further. I'm happy to help.

I hope your International Lolita Day was as interesting as mine!

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