52 Lolita Challenge - Week Twenty

Wardrobe Satisfaction

I'll be honest. I've amassed a pretty good sized Lolita wardrobe. I've got an assortment of skirts and blouses (most of which are either thrifted or handmade) and a plethora of JSK's and OP's. I think I've got a good amount of Lolita appropriate shoes and a ton of accessories and head gear.

Am I satisfied with my wardrobe? Considering that I haven't really felt the need to make more Lolita purchases, yes. I think so. If I wanted, I could easily wear Lolita every day for more than a week.

The only thing I'm not completely satisfied with is my cheap Bodyline petticoat. Granted, most of my wardrobe is Gothic and so a lot of poof isn't really necessary. But I'd still like to have some more options, especially for when I'm wearing longer dresses and such.

So, once I craft myself a couple new petti's, life will be grande.

How about you? How much space in your closet does Lolita take up? :)

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