Some handmade love....

Now, go easy on me as I'm still getting a hang of this new camera tripod thing so until I'm all sorted, some of these photos might not be as high quality as they should be, but...

I finally wore one of my lovely handmade creations out and about town today. These photos really don't do it justice at all.

Granted, lack of a petticoat doesn't help much either. And the sandals. And the missing hair pieces....I could go on about how incomplete this is as a coordinate, but luckily it was just a test run for how this dress holds up in day to day wear. So far so good AND I do have some excellent ideas for proper coordinates.

Ta ta for now, loves~


  1. I love it!!! I think the possibility of toning it down makes it more versatile ^^

  2. I love the pictures! I'm jealous of your ability to pose so well! :3

  3. It's very pretty! Of course this is not a lolita outfit but I think it works pretty well in a more casual outfit :) you really look good in it.

  4. The dress looks awesome!