And finally....a break!

Today was my final exam for Astronomy and my final presentation for Japanese - which we had to do IN Japanese, of course. It was pretty hilarious. Tessa and I stumbled over our lines a bit and made the whole class laugh. Which was ultimately the intention anyhow so.....




Tomorrow I have my Linguistics final at 7 am (shoot me now, please!) and then I'll be done. When I get back there's just some online stuff to take care of and then I can focus on packing up everything that's still in my dorm apartment, which isn't much to be honest.

I'm simultaneously looking forward to being finished and dreading it. I mean, what am I gonna do all summer long? I suppose in order to keep myself busy I should do a lot of writing, a lot of sewing, and possibly find a part-time job. Just a couple days a week is fine for me.

So, that's a quick update so you all know what the dealio is. I'm off - must study and then sleep!

Listening: Beneath the Skin - Collide

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  1. Ugh, linguistics... at seven a.m., too! I hope you get a good grade, they should reward you just for getting up that early to take an exam :D