52 Lolita Challenge - Week Seventeen

My First Meetup:

My first Lolita meetup was a rather long while ago, now that I think about it. I had just completed my first handmade JSK in time for Halloween and I wore it to a Halloween themed meetup. My overall look was very witch-themed, I even had a mini witch hat!

The group met up at a tea house in Minneapolis, but I can't for the life of me remember it's name. It was a cozy Victorian home that had been converted into a cafe of sorts and we nabbed one of the upstairs rooms. There were treats, games, and of course lots of lovely ladies.

I still had a LOT of issues with my anxiety and depression and I probably came off to them as really strange and quiet. It was a big step for me, putting myself out there to meet all these girls in beautiful dresses. I still felt like such a novice when it came to Lolita....

It might not have been the best meetup, but it did give me a sense of how that sort of thing worked. And that, in itself, was awesome.

What was your first meetup like? A success or failure?


  1. TBD. I still haven't managed to make it to a meet, unfortunately. However, I suppose success and failure depends on how much I can rein in my social awkwardness.

  2. Oh don't worry - I'm immensely awkward myself. Most of the girls are though, in their own way.