Seasonal Trends in Lolita

Lolita, like any fashion, is subject to the whims of various trends and fads. Most of them are exclusively related to Lolita itself, but incorporating mainstream trends into your coordinate can offer you a unique and seasonal way to spice up your look.

The trends for Spring 2013 are as follows, according to various designers and fashion bloggers:
~Tribal prints

1. Stripes

Stripes are actually remarkably popular within Lolita - from the spunky Punk to the whimsical Sweet.

A striped blouse paired with a solid colored JSK can make for a subtle but obviously stripe themed coordinate. If you really want to go bold, opt for a striped OP and keep the rest of your outfit simple and solid. If stripes are something that you don't often indulge in, start out small by adding in a pair of striped socks that match your favorite JSK or OP.

2. White

Shiro Lolita has a small number of followers, but perhaps with the trend of wearing all white within mainstream fashion this spring, more Lolitas will be inspired to craft an ethereal outfit of all (or mostly) white!

Wearing all white can be tricky since you don't want to dirty up your lovely coordinate. If you care to try an all white coordinate for the first time, invest in some offbrand pieces that can easily be washed (or bleached in worst case scenarios!). Wearing a pastel coordinate with a lot of white accessories can be a nice alternative to this, especially if you don't have a wardrobe that can support a Shiro look.

If wearing white really isn't your thing, why not try a white wig? It can have a very angelic look with a Sweet coordinate and a very ghostly aesthetic with Gothic. Great either way!

3. Metallics

The whole metal trend is something that Lolitas might find a bit difficult to work with. I mean, how many skirts or dresses are made of a shiny gold fabric in Lolita? Better question is how many are made that don't look totally awful?

A faux leather bolero with a hint of sheen can give off the effect of a metallic shine without being too stiff and uncomfortable. Add a pair of boots or spats with some metal fasteners or detailing and you might find yourself leaning towards a Classic/Steampunk outfit. For a coordinate that contains a fair amount of bling, why not balance it out with a shiny silver handbag?

4. Tribal Prints

Prints are the bees-knees in Lolita today but they tend to run more towards cute things - like teddy bears, or creepy things - like coffins. What would a tribal print Lolita OP look like, I wonder...

Maybe a full on tribal print would be a bit much for a standard coordinate, but tribal inspired accessories could work pretty well. A pair of tribal prints tights or socks could really make a simple and solid colored coordinate pop. Even more so if you added some beaded jewelry.

5. Monochrome

Black and White Lolita still has a terrible reputation of being considered "ita" but it can be a very classic and elegant way to incorporate the monochrome trend. Granted, it doesn't have to be solely black and white, but that's what's hitting the runways lately...

Try a classic coordinate with a high-waisted skirt and a frilly jabot or a split wig for something a bit more fun. You could also pair up a similar shades, like all light pinks or maybe all shades of grey if black and white just isn't your thing. Go wild!

How do you feel about incorporating mainstream fashion trends into your current Lolita style? 

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