52 Lolita Challenge - Week Eleven

Three Trends I Wish Would Come Back

1. Normal/Real Hair. I'm sick to death of seeing wigs on literally everyone.

2. Old-school Opulence. None of this print-coveting nonsense.

3. Rocking Horse Shoes - they're just too awesome!


  1. I don't like prints either! Wigs are ok, but I could never wear, like, bi-colour super-curly wigs, they just look too fake for my tastes.

  2. Yes to the wigs. I've got an enormous noggin, and it's next to impossible to find wigs that fit. I'm sick of feeling like this is a problem.

    I like prints, but I also enjoy the old school stuff. Most of the prints I like are simpler florals, though. *shrugs*

  3. Rocking horse shoes are awesome!