March Theme: Purple in Lolita


 Purple is, for some reason, not a color found all that often in Lolita. It seems to crop up most often in Sweet styles when a brand or two might release a lilac or lavender colored JSK or cardigan, but largely purple is a theme often skipped past in Lolita styles.

Personally, I quite adore the color purple and it looks awesome with my hair and skin. A black blouse paired up with a royal violet JSK and some lacy stockings sounds quite decadent and elegant...but tracking down a good purple JSK is nigh impossible.

So let's go hunting:

Bodyline has a few gems to offer, but they mostly cater to the pastel Sweet styles.

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Alice and The Pirates had a few options but nothing truly spectacular.

Victorian Maiden offered only one item I could find currently for sale.

After a hop, skip, and a jump over to Ebay, and within shops like GirlDoRock and Little Chili, things started to look up.

These items aren't strictly Lolita, obviously, but if purple has become your main concern these should suit your tastes just fine! And, I can totally vouch for the quality - I've purchased from this shop/brand several times before. And they've only gotten better!

When it comes down to it, the hardest things to find that are purple are shoes! I had a really hard time finding any shoes that weren't Bordello or sparkly hooker heels. I think most mainstream brands don't make purple shoes - the most I could find were lilac colored tea-party styles.

Do you wish there was more purple in Lolita? What shade would you prefer to see more of?


  1. Yes, I definitely wish there was more purple in lolita. Specifically plum shades, deep purples with brown undertones. I tend toward the classic, and I really don't see why there aren't more plum OPs. Or, you know, ANY.

  2. Oh, I know. Rich plums and even dusty lavender shades would look so lovely and elegant in Classic Lolita.

  3. I fancy this one: http://i45.tinypic.com/becysh.jpg


  4. Ooh, I totally forgot to check that brand!

  5. I'm quite surprised purple is so challenging to find in Lolita styles. Some of the examples you have posted are quite lovely, though. I do love lilac and other pastel shades, but if you're going for rich, dark elegance it's just not the same!

  6. I love the GirlDoRock dresses ! They are so pretty !!

  7. More purple in lolita would be lovely. Like a deep plummy purple.