Happy Hearts-Candy-Jewelry-Day!

So how am I spending my Valentine's Day?

1.) I'm sick.
2.) I have classes today.
3.) It's frakkin' Thursday.

So really, the only way I'm celebrating is to curl up in my bed with my cozy sweats and watching Phantom of the Opera whilst sipping tea or coffee. And sniffling, because sickness.

If I wasn't ill and this particular commercially designated holiday fell onto a weekend, I would probably have made myself some cute little chocolates to share with all the people I know and like. In fact, this lovely Youtuber in Japan posted a super adorable video about the chocolates that she made. So have a look and suffer, my pretties:


  1. Wow, "suffer" is right. Those chocolates are GORGEOUS.

  2. Oh I know. She makes it look so easy, but I imagine it's not!

  3. I had a paper due Valentine's Day, so massive stress led up to the holiday. But the hugs with my very special somepony (one of 'em) were nice. Argh ah hates payparrs!

  4. Yeah, it's rough to have homework when you'd rather be out celebrating or doing something cute for yourself.

    Such is the life of a student. We work so hard because hopefully in the future we'll get to do all these little things we miss out on now!