52 Lolita Challenge - Week Seven

Why I Wear Lolita

I wear Lolita because I want to. I don't dress up for anyone but myself, because the people I know in the real world don't really understand why I need to own more than two pairs of shoes or have a headband collection and the people on the internet don't much matter. I wear Lolita for myself, because it makes me feel like an unbreakable porcelain doll. Does that sense? Something lovely that you don't want to break, but will withstand if you try. It makes me feel empowered, it's my armor. It makes me feel beautiful on those days when nothing else will. It inspires me to higher standards for myself. When I wear Lolita, I can write more eloquently, sing more beautifully, dance more gracefully, fight more viciously, and defend myself more determinedly. It brings out my best qualities and makes them shine brighter.

I wear Lolita because it encourages me to be myself - to be a baker, a writer, a musician, a student, a friend, a woman, a human being, a creature of dark decay...or what have you. I wear it because I enjoy it, because it pleases me on a multitude of levels.

I don't care if my coordinate isn't someone else's cup of tea. I'm the one drinking it, so sod off. ^_^


  1. I felt the same when I started wearing alternative styles. It made me feel stronger, for some reason, more confident, more safe. I thought that the people I hated couldn't touch me anymore because I wasn't part of their group anymore, so they couldn't make the rules for me anymore. I was on my own, and I was happier than ever. :)

  2. "I'm the one drinking it, so sod off." That statement makes my life. I want to embroider it onto a tea cozy...

  3. @Emily: Do it, I'd so buy one!

  4. I just found your blog and...you're so cute! I'll follow you, your blog is adorable! :3