52 Lolita Challenge - Week Eight

Why Don't I Wear Lolita More Often?

This question is both hard and easy to answer.

The simple answer is that I'm rather lazy. I get up pretty early in the morning and half the time I don't bother with makeup or hair styling, much less donning a lovely pre-planned coordinate. It's more often of "Is this comfortable?" and then "Is this clean?" - if I get a green light on both we're dressed for the day. Granted, since most of my wardrobe leans toward the elegant and spooky, usually I don't stress too much over what I wear, since it works out in the end regardless. Like today for example - it was a cold morning and I sought comfort. So I pulled on a striped knit sweater, some black leggings, and a black mini skirt with some side lacing. Add a pair of boots, a scarf, and a swipe of mascara; and that completed the look. Overall, still pretty punky.

The difficult answer is this: "we are legion for we are many."

Is Lolita appropriate for this event/place/time/season?
Do I have enough time to do my hair and makeup?
Did I forget my petticoat back home again?
Will my classmates laugh at me if I wear this? (even though I CLAIM I don't care)
What if it gets ruined? Campus isn't the cleanest or safest place in the world.
Do I feel pretty enough for this style today?
How far do I have to travel for stuff today?
Can I roll my sleeve up high enough for the plasmapheresis machine?

If all I ever had to do was sit in my room and read books, play the violin, drink tea, or bake scones....then yeah, Lolita would be a full-time thing. Because it would be appropriate AND I would have time to plan outfits. But that's simply not the case - I'm a student, I get very little sleep, I'm pretty clumsy, and once in a while I pimp out my liquids for cash. It's not always practical to wear Lolita and I know that.

So I can take what I'm given and work with it. Someday....there will be room enough to Lolita all the time. For now, I'll just have to settle on the days when it works out.


  1. Actually, I think it's a western thing, wearing lolita on everyday life. Japanese girls sure as hell wouldn't wear a lolita outfit at school; in many schools they can't even wear earrings or coloured hair accessories, let alone petticoats or make-up :/ so, paradoxically, real lolitas (japanes ones, I mean) do not wear lolita everyday :D they only do it on weekends, when they're allowed to. :)

  2. Oh yes, I know. Lolita in Japan is very different from Lolita in the rest of world.

    I mean, even what defines an outfit as Lolita over there is different from our supposed rigid guidelines.