52 Lolita Challenge - Week 5

5. My wardrobe turnover.

It was only a few years ago that I started adding Lolita pieces to my already existing wardrobe. And to be honest, I didn't have anything even remotely Lolita friendly at the time. I had to run out and snag a pair of cheap black Walmart flats to wear with some of my newly acquired frills. I started off with one Bodyline dress (which is up for sale actually) and flats. Knee socks weren't hard to find and that kind of kick-started everything.

Before I knew it, I was ordering myself a pair of RHS from Little Chili's ebay shop, more socks, and sewing up some interesting hair pieces. 

When I finally gathered up my courage and left behind a life of boredom, captivity, and suicidal impulses, I used what little money I had to spring on a huge Bodyline order. Suddenly, half of my wardrobe was invaded by frilly dresses, black lace, and voluminous ruffles. It was glorious. 

And when I discovered the hidden art of thrifting, my Lolita wardrobe expanded exponentially. Hangers were flooded with ruffly blouses the 80's had discarded and vintage hats bought off the rack for ridiculously cheap prices.

Any store that sold cool headbands eagerly took my money and I have at least ten pairs of patterned tights from Target and Walmart, respectively. I actually had to designate a small cardboard box just to holding all my headbands and hair clips.

Over time I started to discard some of my more "mundane" clothing - I only own three pairs of jeans now. T-shirts virtually don't even exist in my wardrobe anymore. I still have a lot of shorts, mini skirts, tanks, and cardigans though.

In addition to purchased items, I've also sewn up a few dresses and skirts that I'm quite fond of coordinating these days. So it's probably more than half my closet filled with Lolita and Goth goodies today.

Did you turnover your wardrobe or just slowly start expanding it? Let me know in the comment section below!      

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