Daily Outfit

It's been a while since I dressed up, last time was around New Years I suppose, but I felt like I needed motivation to get some sewing things done (like finishing up a dress) and usually donning some frills is exactly the right sort. So I took a shower, let my hair do it's air-drying thing, smacked on some simple makeup and dressed up.

This JSK is still one of my favorites. It's super comfortable and I loved the fabric so much. Out of all the things I've sewn, I'm still very proud of this one. Considering it's based off a pattern that I had to completely alter to make fit...yeah.

~JSK - Handmade~
~Sheer overcoat - Thrifted~
Tights - Target~
~Boots - Thrifted~
~Necklace - vintage~
~Headband - Target~

Why yes, I am wearing a poofy thing on my head!


  1. Wow, it's so beautiful! *O* You're really skilled!
    And I love the coordinate.

  2. I'm not crazy, you do have some green in your hair, right?

    Love the overcoat.

  3. Yes, I have a bit of green in my hair currently.

  4. This outfit, man! Just gorgeous. I can't believe you made this - you must be very talented! Also, that sheer overcoat just pulls it together wonderfully! It's really becoming a habit for me to obsess over your co-ordinates! :3

  5. I love it! Such a gorgeous look. x

    <3 Melissa