A dreary weekend....

So most of what I did this weekend involved reading my science texts and taking notes. The other half involved sipping Grasshoppers (a lovely minty alcoholic drink) and watching the boy dominate on League of Legends. The weather was kind of crap, to be honest, and right now it's actually doing a mix of snow and ice. Ewww....that'll be lovely to walk in tomorrow.

I decided to attempt to coordinate a (mostly) finished sewing project today also:

Really though, some day my self-timer will love me. Either that or I'll find a reliable photographer....I kind of wish I had a remote for this camera though. Then I could take it outside and have lovely outdoor self portraits....oh well. I think a tripod would be an excellent beginning. 

I've been wearing the same belt and boots with all of my outfits this week, it seems. I think I'm just having fun coordinating with them as much as possible. But now I know I need more chunky waist belts and for the snow to melt and vanish so I can wear something other than boots. In general. 

And now that you've seen what I'm wearing at the moment, I'll bid you goodnight. I'm actually gonna finish sipping my coffee, wrap up my internet business, and then settle in for a nap. These blustery winter days are perfect for that sort of thing. Ja ne!

~Dress - handmade~
~Socks - Target~
~Belt - Wetseal~
~Boots - gifted~
~Hat - Walmart~
~Jewelry - Target~


  1. I love this cordinate, compliments for the dress!! I'd like to own a similar belt, even if I'm not sure it would be ok with my body shape.But the hat isn't my kind.

  2. Yeah, I don't wear this hat often since it doesn't match very much of what I own....