52 Lolita Challenge - Week Three

3. What my own Lolita lifestyle is like .

The sewing machine jams again. Broken needles and missing bobbins.

The petticoat is buried in the closet somewhere. Go without it, who cares?

The hair tangles instead of curls. Frustration sets in. Tease the lot of it, hairspray, done. 

The eyeliner refuses to even out. Wipe it off, and say hello to black eye-shadow.

The tea is cold. Dump it out and make more. 

The weather outside is cold and rainy. Sorry, wardrobe, we'll meet again another day. 

The rocking horse shoes are scuffed. Again. There's no money for new ones. Wear 'em anyways. 

The internet beckons. I shuffle away hours later, unfulfilled and angry. People are horrible. 

There are books to be read. Coffee to be consumed. Frills to don. Sorry, homework comes first. 

The cat has gotten hair on everything. Let's go, lint brush! 

The bank account sits empty. Nothing new ever seems to grace the closet.

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