Walking in a Winter....Wonderland?

Well, if one's Wonderland involves large drifting piles of snow, icy streets, and passing by lots of vehicular spin-outs on the highway, then sure! It sort of fits my definition, but that's because I adore the season of Winter!

Up until this weekend, we really had no snow in Minnesota to speak of. Which is kind of pathetic and tragic seeing as we often jokingly refer to our state as MinneSNOWta. The wonky Norwegian accent that accompanies that is simply an added bonus. ^_^

Like I said, up until this weekend we had no snow. And then we got a good fifteen or so inches. Pretty much in the span of about five hours. It was an impressive storm, I must admit. I almost didn't think we were going to make it back up to my college campus on Sunday evening. The boy's car isn't the most confident in such inclement weather, but we survived!

These photos were taken in the backyard at the boy's parent's home. We were just getting ready to leave for the evening and the wind was picking up at this point. It shortly deteriorated into blizzard conditions. I was excited and quite the happy camper.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm insane.

But I've been putting some thought into this. Lolita is a fashion that's perfect for layering. Coincidentally, winter is also perfect for layering. So I'm going to attempt to wear more Lolita during the winter and I'm going to begin this on my Winter Break. I will be stress-free, away from university, and have lots of time and energy to devote to more personal pursuits. Like reading, writing, and sewing. Getting to know my lovely kitten again - she's almost a year old now! Enjoying copious amounts of tea whilst gazing out the window of my bedroom and chuckling at the idiots outside with their shovels. ^_^

Do you enjoy winter?
What do you like or dislike most about it?
Tell me in the comments below!


  1. I hate winter with a passion.
    I'm an autumn/spring kinda girl.
    I love layering, but not to the point where bending my articulations is impossible.
    Technically, it's still autumn right now and the weather here isn't that bad for now, we have more ice than snow.
    It's going to get hell-like around the second week of January and it's going to be the freaking apocalypse in February.

  2. I love winter! It's so pretty!