Holiday Special: Gifts for your Lolita Friends!

                       Holiday Special: Gifts for your Lolita Friends!

                                                                 Gothic Lolita

I had a kind of hard time finding a reasonably priced Etsy shop that sold cute jewelry that didn't quite fall into the quintessential Gothic Lolita aesthetic. But I did in fact find one and though there are a lot of black rose rings and pendants, there's also a large amount of colored jewel items and insect pieces. I happen to be quite impressed with the selection and would wear a lot of these? Would you or your Gothic Lolita friends?

If you find any of these pieces fascinating, go have a look-see over at: robinhoodcouture on Etsy! All their items seem to be of really great quality and completely worth the price! They also do custom items so if there's something specific you have in mind that fits their theme, that could also be a great gift idea! 

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  1. cute stuff! love the bee http://cactusfashion.blogspot.mx/