Three Rather Unsavory Trends

There are several trends I've been observing in Lolita fashion lately that just don't really suit my tastes. I don't want to come right out and say some of them are downright ugly, because that would be rude you know, but here are just three that are currently circulating that I simply don't find to be my cup of tea.

#1 The Over-Abundant Use of Wigs

Wigs have become, more or less, the go-to for Lolita hair styling these days. Now, don't get me wrong here. If you have hair that absolutely refuses to curl, grow, or do anything other than lie flat on your head, then by all means go ahead and wear a wig. But lately it's become the lazy way out for most Lolitas who want to minimize time spent on a coordinate.

Some of them look great sure, but do you need to wear one ALL THE TIME when in Lolita? I mean, won't a simple braid suffice once in a while? Personally, I can't stand the feel of wigs on my head. Makes my head sweat and itch like there's no tomorrow. So if they're your thing, go for it. But I just can't do it.

#2 Poorly Constructed Handmade Clothing

I'm talking poorly made, bad fabric choice, and completely wrong silhouette. There are so many people selling on Etsy these days that claim to make Lolita dresses and skirts. Most of these items are not Lolita in any way, shape or form - slapping some lace onto a hem does not make something Lolita.

Never-mind that half the time the price for these items can rival that of brand.

I make a good chunk of my own clothing, I'll admit. But I'm not going to put these piece on Etsy to sell for $100 a pop. No siree....I'm not a scammer. Thank you very much!

#3 Gimmick Lolita

I'm not talking sub-genres like punk or shiro and the like. I really mean gimmick Lolita and I've been seeing it constantly. Star Wars dresses, Gir-themed accessories, My Little Pony skirts....gah! My eyes - they bleed! It's fine if you're a fan of these things, heck I have a secret love for Beetlejuice the cartoon but I'm not gonna plaster it on my (supposedly) elegant and frilly clothing. It just seems tasteless to me.

I mean, if you can get such a themed fabric, why not make a pair of cute pjs out of it instead? Why turn it into a frilly skirt and waste time agonizing over which shade of blue lace will best match RD-D2's chrome dome? Seriously....? >_<


As I said, this stuff really isn't my cup of tea. But I am in NO POSITION to tell you what you should or shouldn't wear. So keep rocking, Lolitas! 


  1. I'm currently working a a TARDIS skirt! :P

    But mine is going to be awesome!

  2. I have to agree with your choice of words if it looks gimmicky I won't be a fan but well done fandom lolita I believe is not so bad. That being said it's rare to see because you really need the right fabric.

    What a great post ^^

  3. 2 and 3 seem to mix quite a lot :/

  4. You're right, I think both 2 and 3 are largely fabric related, but I still see them as separate issues and wanted to address them as such.

    Ah well...

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