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This topic has probably been beaten to death, several times already. However, as winter seems to be a recurring thing, I believe another blog post on winter coats is warranted. Lolita brands put out pretty much the same coats every year, with a few minor alterations. Granted, some of these coats are absolutely adorable and perfect for the weather. But....they're pricey and for something that's likely going to get rained or snowed on, you want the best bang for you buck, as the saying goes.

Style wise, there are some basic elements that pop up in all Lolita winter coats. There seems to be a penchant for longer flared styles (and for good reason!), faux fur trim on cuffs and hem, a proliferation of ribbons and bows (sometimes) and either a cute animal-eared hood or a built-in capelet.

But what if you could find perfectly Lolita appropriate winter gear at your local mall? Would you go for it? Let's find out:

This gorgeous ruffled peplum jacket at Wet Seal is only $25. It's mainly polyester but has a wool lining, sure to keep anyone warm during the harsh winter months.

Both of these jackets are from Forever 21. The first in a basic navy trench with a hood, complete with a tie belt. The other is a departure from normal, featuring a puffer style with a bow belt. A little unconventional, even for the Lolita crowd, but it might appeal to some.

These two are from Macy's. A little on the higher price spectrum, but what can you expect from a department store. Anyways....the first one is a navy blue empire waist and the second is a quirky take on a trench, with purple wool and an asymmetrical ruffle on the front.

Last, but not least, I picked up a very Lolita-esque winter coat at Target the other day. It was in the $25-40 range, so reasonable for Target and they have this particular style is a deep blue, baby pink, camel brown, and the classic black - which I sprung for naturally.

 This is the pink version, but you can see that it has three tiers of ruffles on the hem, buttons that go all the way up to the neck (military style, yo!) and it even has pockets! Deep pockets. I've been wearing this coat for a day or so now and I'm SUPER impressed with how warm it is!

Of course, if you prefer to shop at Bodyline or one of the major league Lolita brands for your outerwear, be my guest! My friend Tessa score a really cute pink hounds-tooth coat from Bodyline. The opportunities are endless.

Choose your destiny.

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