Lolita Playlist

Everyone seems to have a list of artists/songs that remind them of Lolita fashion, fit with the aesthetic, or inspire them to dress up. And I'm not different, but I have an extremely diverse taste in music and what inspires me with regard to Lolita fashion may surprise you. Then again, maybe not.

Let's get started with songs that make me think of the fashion, in general:

Shadows - Lindsey Stirling
Rose - Anna Tsuchiya
Of Lilies and Remains - Bauhaus
Shallow Grave - Birthday Massacre
The Funeral Party - The Cure
Metamorphoze - Gackt
Border of Death - IOSYS
Tea Party - Kerli
Bara no Jubai - Rozenmaiden soundtrack
Bliss Forest - Olivia Lufkin
As the World falls Down - David Bowie
Ningyo Hime - Chobits soundtrack

Now, I'm fairly certain all of those can be located on Youtube in one fashion or another. So if you're interested.....

As for songs that I enjoy cranking up when I'm getting dressed, that's another matter:

Just to provide a few. As you can see, there's quite a bit of diversity but there seems to be an underlying theme of fantasy and un-realness to everything. And Lolita fashion is nothing if not an escape into a beautiful lace and crumpets fantasy. ^_~ 

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