I'm not a waif, Mana-san. Asshole

I, very unfortunately, have boobs. Large ones that simply don't fit my torso well. If it wasn't for my boobs, this dress would be divine. If I wasn't of European build, this dress would be divine. As it would turn out, Mana-san only wants tiny little Japanese waifs to wear his clothing, as normal sized people like the rest of us simply can't fit.

I understand now the horror of the dreaded boob loaf. Good gods.

So I managed to unzip myself from this dress (who puts a zipper in the back anyhow!?) and put on something more my style and that mostly fit.

JSK - Bodyline
Blouse- thrifted
Socks - unknown
Shoes - Target
Hat - Enchanted Hat

This particular JSK used to fit me splendidly. Now it's a little tight. So perhaps I've gained some weight recently...? I'll just have to exercise more regularly and eat less so we can see what happens. Who knows...maybe the Moitie dress will fit better with some lost weight.

And a chest binder. Definitely giving that a go as well.


  1. I hear you... I have the same problem. My first brand item was an H Naoto cutsew, which was my size and fitted very well... except for the boobs. It just wasn't meant for people who had them. In the years I lost some weight and I had to have it tightened, but my boobs still don't fit. Argh.
    By the way, you look really good in your Bodyline jsk. It's also really cute <3

  2. Dear boobs,

    Please stop making all my dresses into babydolls or empire waist dresses.

    A girl who wants to fit into brand properly.

  3. Ironically, this dress IS meant to be empire waist so that's not an issue.

    I would just like to breathe whilst wearing it!

  4. I know how you feel, my boobs don't like Lolita dress. You still look great though!