I think I understand now...

I'll be honest here, I used to swear up and down that there was probably very little difference between major brand and minor brand Lolita clothing. I simply figured that some Bodyline was probably on par (quality wise) with at least some AP. That it was hit or miss with everything.

I might have to start adding a new verse to that tune of mine.

You see, I recently came in contact with a girl in my local community who was selling off a good chunk of her more Gothic and Punk inclined clothing and there was this Moitie dress in the mix. Another Lolita friend of mine who regularly attends meetups had a chance to try this dress on and though it didn't fit her perfectly she thought it would be great for me. That's how I came to know about it in the first place.

So, I contacted this seller and worked out a deal. My boyfriend covered the initial cost of the dress (I intend to pay him back somehow) and it was shipped out last Saturday.

Today, it arrived. Imagine my surprise to find this package waiting for me when I finally got home from college this evening. And imagine my even greater surprise to discover how it came packaged and what else was included.

The items were carefully wrapped up in this nice Alice and the Pirates shopping bag. How lovely!

The first thing I pulled out were these socks from Baby. What. The. Heck? Right? I know she said some freebies would be tossed in but I didn't think they'd be BRAND freebies. This is quite nice. A girl can always use more socks.

The next piece to fall out of the bag was this piece of jewelry. I wasn't sure was it was at first, but it's clearly a choker. Suddenly I'm glad I have a slender neck, because this necklace is just lovely.

And finally, I reached into the bag and felt heaven. I don't know what I was expecting, really, but the softness that greeted me was quite a surprise.

I'm amazed these photos came out as well as they did. The lighting in my room is rotten and it's really late at night now. But you can see the detail. The sleeves and skirt overlay are made of a really nice sheer fabric. The under layer MUST be some epic form of satin. It's just lovely and overall softness of the fabric just blows me away.

Nothing from my current wardrobe can even compare. Well, there's this one Bodyline dress...but that's not up to par either. It's just....I don't even have words.

Is this how the rest of you felt when getting your first brand piece?

Photos of me wearing said dress to come soon!

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