Spotlight: It's a Punk Rock world!

If you haven't seen this yet, OH MY GODS! Watch it. There definitely needs to be more Lolita musical acts. Now, from what I've read about this group though - the dancers only - the band itself is not Lolita, but the group of girls knew about Lolita and so this one individual (who's idea it was to do some kind of Punk themed video) dressed them and created a dance for them to do. They even filmed a legit music video for the song, which is featured above.

The dance itself though:

Very cute, am I right? Anyways, I guess this person, candy-influence, wanted to make Punk Lolita more visible and what better way than to have Punk Lolitas acting like, well punks!? Sweet and Gothic Lolitas seem to have found their niche within the community but Punk Lolitas are still floundering a bit to figure out their role in the scheme of things.

Taking a musical approach really didn't seem to be that big of a leap. Even though candy-influence put together this whole project for a class of hers, I really do hope that it will spark a trend within the Lolita community, especially among the punks, to get recognition through music.

I definitely want to see more Lolita musical acts. After a fair bit of research and only coming up with EME15, which is a Mexican pop group that wears Lolita inspired gear; and Lolita KompleX, a metal band from Europe who's lead singer wears Lolita fashion, I maintain that more Lolitas should definitely branch out into the music scene.

It is my dream to someday see a legit Lolita punk or rock band. Are you with me?

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  1. Maybe it's an interesting side fact, but the male voice of Lolita KompleX has now a side project for Punk Cover Songs: Ramfists! haha :)