No Stockings!? "I'm against them."

I saw a post here on Blogger recently concerning these new stockings. Also, a few Lolita friends on Facebook have been chatting about them so I figured I would go and have a look-see. Here's what I found...

Selfer.net, a online shop catering to schoolgirls in Japan is a primary seller of these stockings and they've been doing so well that they are actually sold out and have to tell their customers to wait because the stockings are on back order. Selfer sells them for about $25 a pair, but there ARE other places to track them down.

If you'd like to make them yourself, here's a tutorial but I can't vouch for how easy it will be. Good luck!

Another thing I've been seeing lately in Lolita are leggings...and not just the basic black or neutral shades we're all familiar with. I'm talking crazy leggings, like the girl above with the cross print black leggings. This is fabulous. I've already picked up some neat leggings (and I DO own the cross ones too) but I wasn't sure if wearing them in Lolita would work. Maybe I'll give it a try. Here are some other ideas for leggings.

Wool tights are coming back again with the advent of the colder weather (at least in the northern hemisphere) and as girls who still like to wear skirts and dresses in the dead of winter this is a great (and cute!) way to keep your legs from turning into ice pops.

Sock Dreams is currently selling these, so nab them while you can. You can get these as tights, knee socks, or OTK, depending on your leg wear preference.

Now that the weather is a LOT colder here, I want to start wearing Lolita again and now that I've got some great ideas for legwear, I'm gonna give it go. Stay tuned for some cool coord photos!

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