Dress Dilemma

Long time no post! Again. Sorry.

So, I haven't been wearing Lolita at all lately. I haven't even dressed up in anything Goth or Mori girl related. It's been such a dreary fall and I've been so out of sorts going up and down with this depression thing that I barely crawl out of sweatpants these days.

However! Things are looking up. I've been looking into my closet and wanting to start wearing some of my things again. Even today I pulled on a handmade teal tartan skirt with a low-poof petti and a cute sweater. I paired it up with my lacy tights and biker boots. I felt damn good today!

Maybe tomorrow I'll doll up again. I've been wanting to wear my ruffly bloomers as shorts for some time, so maybe I'll pair that up with a cute top and tights underneath. Why not?

I even got a plan for a coordinate involving my Rococo JSK and a lovely sheer overcoat.

The most recent debacle that's come up though is one that involves a fair amount of money and some hand-wringing.

A girl in my local Lolita community is selling off a bunch of her stuff. Stuff I really, really like to be honest. And one of them happens to be this Moitie OP. She's selling it off for $125 shipped and it's in excellent condition. My friend Tessa tried it on at one of the latest meetups and said it would probably fit me perfectly. I really want to take her word for it!

And honestly....this would be my first real piece of brand. Not that that's the deciding factor or anything, but it IS a thought that occurred to me. And while I wasn't originally a huge fan of Moitie, I do love some of the older stuff. It's a little old-school, like this dress, and I love it.

So what do you all think? Should I spring for it or let it pass by and let the chance to own a nice piece of brand slip through my fingers permanently? ^_^


  1. I'm curious to see the tartan skirt-lacy tights outfit, it must have been cute! (And the doodle's lovely :D)
    I think that, if you have money enough to buy it, and you really like the dress, you should get it. Why not? If it makes you happy, it can't be a bad thing :). Besides, Moi Meme MoitiƩ is a really good brand: if you can find a MMM OP at that price and you can even be sure it'll fit you... well, go for it :D!

  2. Take the chance! You could always re-sell it! :3