New Clothes!

Hey guys, long time no post. I'm sorry I've sort of been neglecting this blog in favor of my other two, but I promise that I'll get back into this....somehow. I did say I was going to take a less-Lolita turn here and what better way to kick-start than posting photos of some newly acquired clothing I can't wait to wear?

This super cute brown dress has cream colored polka dots and buttons down the front. It's kind of a gauzy and light fabric, which makes it perfect as a summer dress but also good for layering for autumn. This was a pretty casual go at it...I'm looking forward to adding more coordinates involving this dress.

This....I picked up from Ebay, off a Chinese vendor. I just wanted a cute Asian-looking bodycon dress, but this ended up being a little bit too short so I think I'll wear it more as a tunic sort of top. Still super cute though!

This dress was a vintage find from the thrift store here in St. Cloud. It has almost a Victorian school-girl feel to it, which I really liked.

This is supposed to be a lacy house-coat to go over one's nightgown, but I think I could easily work it into a daytime outfit if I put this over a simple Lolita dress.

I loved the details on this dress. The flowers are brown and a darker shade of pink. It's also super cute and comfy....^_^

This orange scarf came for free with my Chinese dress, actually. I've already worn it out and I think it'll be awesome for coordinating closer to Halloween. :)

Otherwise....life has been okay. I've recovering from a nasty cold that had me mostly out of commission (haha!) during the weekend. Classes are still okay, though I've fallen a bit behind in some of them. I'll have to remedy that soon...

I've been hanging out with people a little bit more, so I'm gradually becoming more social. I'm still the observer in most situations though and that suits me fine. I'm not as interesting as other people.

Next weekend I'm going on a city trip with the JP Network group so that'll be interesting. We're going to the Mall of America and then out for food and such afterwards...fun fun.

Hope you all are doing well!

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  1. I love your shoppimg! Brown fits your complexion really well ^^ And I love vintage/second hand clothes.